Rudi ... ans griechische Essen denkendWhen I was 16 years old I drove enthusiasticly in the streets in Wechselterretorium (NÖ), but in 70er years they were more adventurously. My plan was to get the drivinglicence as sonn as possible and to bike with more HP. But a bad accident changed my plans.

My parents don`t like to see the "A" in my drivinglicense and so I had only the "B" over many years. Many years later I got the license for motorcycles, HGV and trailer. I didn`t buy a truck, but in 1995 I bought a motorcycle. My starter drug was a Yamaha XJ650 (1983)

Soon it becames colder and colder and I had to decide if I go with car or motorcacle. The dicision felt for the bike and so I sold my car.

In 1998 I bought a Yamaha FJ1200 (1995) to go with her about many kilometers in really fun.

One day I found a rest of blue glitterfilu, cut circles and put them like eyes between the directionlights. Because of this her nickname is now "Blueeye". After the holidays in Greece she got new eyes, really nice like you see.

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Tjaky ... an der TZR schraubend My very anxious father keeped me of aport from biking, either with a bicycle nor with a motorbike. It`s too dangerous!

I first meet Rudi and the FJ1200 at easter 1999. The first tour lead us to Hungary. It was very interesting. More than 10.000 km I was with Blueeye and Rudi on the road. Virus was spreading out.

Together holydays in Greece. While camping in Meteora I liked to bike myself. In autumn 1999 I got the addition from little motorbikes and looked in the internet for my dreambike, a Yamaha TZR125 (1994)

The first month I would like to hit it against the wall, put her on the street and wait untill a bus is smashing her, trootning her to bring it to smash. First it took more time to repair it as to ride it. Therefore it is nicknamed "Princess - a hot house plant". Then I found Bruno and he told me, it`s no motorcycle, it`s a racingbike. Then it was growing better and better. She does not like to move in town, not only for short ways. Cobbled streets will bring her to elimination. She is built for good streets. First I learned to lift my bottom on bad roads. She was nearly without shokabsorber. But if you know how to handle her she will bring you up and down the hills in a very fast way.

In autumm 2000 I got the licence for motorcycles and my dream was still going on. After these holidays in Greece I bought a Kawasaki GPX500R and decorated it with flames.

And what I`m doing else ???
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In August 2001 we foundet MFG WWW.
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