Streets, Traffik, Law and Weather

If you comes to Greece, look for a relevant (!!!) card for the terretorium you want to drive. A big very exact card from Epirus you will get from 500,- to 600,- GRD.

The Greeks take off you very close, but they do not cut you. Often they friendly sound their horn to say "I am here". They take care if they bend and will wait till you are over.

If you drive behind another vehicle (or in a group) you should take more distance as in Austria or Germany. Suddenly braking will bring you in difficults.

An der Kreuzung der Straße nach Parga mit der E55: Einige Ziegen weiden die Verkehrsinsel ab und lassen sich nicht einmal durch den LKW stören.

Permanent crossing eyes is the best - once at the street, her grooves, stonefall or holes and ground waves also for the crumbled, hanging verges - otherwards to the bushes and meadows at the roadside. It is always possible an animal will jump on the street to cross it.

Also the turtle, we see in Parga, was not fast enough, also so many cats and dogs and the beautiful fox at the E55.

Speedlimits, dobble lines and stop signs are recomandation, as long no police is here. New in Greece is radar and it is in use.

A young, long time in Germany living Greek told us, he needed eight months to surround to the slippery streets from Greece. Another told us if it is beginning to rain, drink a cup of coffee and after the first downpour you can drive again, but slowly!

After Rudi repaired the TZR, we like to bike, from Parga to Ioannina little streets and over the mountains - but inhabitants tell us the streets are too bad for our bikes. With Enduros we would have our fun.

   Law and other infos

Passport or guilty Identiticard.

Drivinglysence, Vehicle Registration Dokument.
Power of etorny, if it is not the own vehicle.

"Green Insurance Card" recommanded, it is easyer you have it if something is happening.
The Medical insurance record card has to be written over if you are ill in Greece.
It would be better you take a short fully comprehensive insurance for the time of your trip.

Also Greece will get the Euro. With Gr. Drachmen it is possible to pay till march 2002 or to change it at the bank.

Belt- and. helmetduty (you will not belive!).
Phoning while driving.
Childs till 10 jears have to sit on the backseat.
Yellow lines at the side of the street and priority street means no parking.
Privat drag is vorbidden!

Maximum speed:

In villages: Motorcycles, Car with or without trailer, dormobile: 50 km/h - all athers 40 km/h.

Motorvehicles Land-/Expressway in km/h motorway in km/h
Motorcycle 70 90
Car 90/110 120
Car with trailer 80 80
Truck till 3,5 t 80 90
Truck over 3,5 t 80 80
Autobus 70 70

Import regulation:

On yourneys in the EU there are no regulations. At this fronties are no kontrols. You can take as much you need personality, without any restrictions.

Export from antique things (both or found) is vorbidden.

(Quelle: Touring Griechenland 2001, ÖAMTC-Folder)


Unleaded Superpetrol (95 Oktan) you find if you look for it. Also oktanpusher is avilaible. Some biker told us it is not the best, but good.


Average sunhours per day in Parga

Durchschnittliche Sonnenstunden pro Tag in Parga

Average sea- and airtemperatur in Parga

Durchschnittliche Meeres- und Lufttemperatur in Parga

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