Around Parga

Zu den vielen schönen Buchten gelangt man über Zufahrtsstraßen vond der E55 aus.Still refusing to move, the TZR is standing at the camping-place and we were looking with FJ the Valtos-Bay, while in New York two Airplanes go into the WTC and one in the Pentagon. We hear it in the evening at "Internet-Café". Now its good to have our "Suche und finde", there are linked all of the austrian newspapers.

One day and one night TV in Parga
only shows "Terror in Amerika", at the the evening there is a football match and suddenly it is over with terror. At the evening of the "Day after" you see green on TV - this is more interesting.
It is so many discussion, but the touristic days goes on.

In the beautiful, countless bays you can relax wonderfully. Every bay has her own character: stoneful, sandy, green or rocky; or a mixing of it. From the E55 there is a street to each of them. Some of them you can also reach with boat. Boats depart dayly from Parga. Or you own a boat by yourself or you rent one in Parga.

The bays from the top to the ground like the picture is showing you: Beretiniko, Sarakiniko, Ai Sostis, Valtos, Krioneri, Piso Krioneri, Lichnos, Ai Giannakis, Ammoudia, Kerentza, Alonaki, Loutsa, Vrachos, Lygia, Riza, Artolithia, Lefka, Kastrosikia, Kanali, Monolithi, Mitikas, Kalamitsi, Alonaki, Pantokratoras, Kiani Akti.

You can also take a one-day-trip to the islands Paxi, Antipaxi or Korfu.

In Parga is also the business with "Rent a Bike". But this are not motorcycles, only scooters, with which also the inhabitants make their ways.

If you like it quiet, you can buy a line and bath the worms in the harbour or in one of the beautiful bays.

The offer is very great in Parga and no one will get boring!

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