Small trip to Perdika

There is a well built street from Parga to Agia. This small village (touristic untouched) you should explore without bike. The street is too small. In the high narrow sidewalks turning the FJ would be an adventure.

From Agia there is a nice street winding up the hills to Perdika. Attention! Rockfall is possible. Two times it happens to us unfortunately.

In Perdika you should bike also slowly. The beautiful road is changing without warning to a right hand bell. (An emergency exit gives you a chance.)

Passing the marble statue of the discus thrower the road is winding through the beautyful landscape. Very often goats herds without shepperds are crossing the road, other of them are hiding behind the bushes, ready to jump on the road at any moment.

After some beautiful curves the street meets E55, which brings us back to Parga.

There is possibility to make plenty turs like this one, just described. But there are no releable cards telling you about the condition of the street.

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