Parga`s history

Port di Parga, altvenezianische AbbildungAt the end of 13th. century a. C. the mykenic settlers foundet Parga. Following centuries were not friendly. Ago she was named Toryne and Parga was named first in 1320

Founding of Parga is going back to a legend. A shepper found in Valtos-Bay a Panagia-Icon and took it with him to Palevkastro. Three times it disappeared and was found again in Valto-Bay.

Since 1360 is Parga under normannic power. 1401 came the Venezianic, 1452 - 54 for a short time the town was Turkish, after this time again the Venezian. 1537 came Kheir el-din Barbarossa abd devasteted it. After the victory about Venic from Napoleon again french in 1797. They built a little fort on the island Panagia.

Ansicht der Burgruine von der Hafenbucht ausAt 21. march 1800 Russia and Turky took a content about Septinsulaire Republik. With russians protection Parga was independed 1800 - 1807, till the contract from Tilsit 1807 it came again to France. Seven jears later it was going to Britain. The cruel Turkman Ali Pascha, who looked always for it, both it in 1817 for 150.000,- Pound. The inhabitants fleed to Ionic islands. Since 1913 it is a part of Greece.

   Walk to the Castle

Teile der Burgruine im unteren BereichTo the ruin you get over the stairs at the end of the Old town Parga. Opened from 8 am - 8 pm. The entry is (now) free.

The castle was built 1572 by the Venecian and made storger from Turkman.

Between the livingrooms there were big storerooms and a turk bath, With loamtubes they got water from the "Maras"-spring to big tanks. From there it could be taken.

Der alte Mann und das MeerIt will be better you take good shoes, if you wants to explore the whole area. There is renovation but some stairs are very dangerous.

From the castle you have a nice view about Parga, the Valtos-Bay, to the islands Panagia, Paxi and Antipaxi.

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