It is a warm
day of september. We bike from Nekromanteion to Arta.

Von diesem Berg stürzten sich 68 Frauen und ihre Kinder in den Tod.
On the way to Arta first we want to go to Zalongo. After we bike the E55 to the direction of Arta, soon it is on the left side to Archagelos and then to Kryopygi to the old town Kassope.

At the top of the hill there are four statues of women. 1803 the area was encyrcled by the turks and it seems to be conquered. A group of 68 wifes thought, better die as falling in the hands of the turks. They go on the hill and jumped down, at first their children and then therself. At last Eleni Botsari, the leading women of the group.

Below the memorial is built the convent from Zalongo. In a little church between the memorial and the convent they save the relicts.


Des Baumeisters Frau soll zwischen diesen Steinen eingemauert sein.At the beginning of Arta we find the signs to the "Old Bridge", therefore a gruesome legend is ranking. It was built till 1612. About three years it was built. Always in the night it was going down. Then a swallow was coming and twittered: "If you don't give a human into the foundation it will never grow up. But you only may do it with the nice woman from master builder."
With a lot of cunning the wife was coming to the bridge. After she was build in, it was going on very fast. The bridge is standing till now and is in use by pedestrians.

There are five beautiful churches and a castle to visit
in Arta.

Von der Brücke hat man einen schönen Blick hinüber nach Arta.

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