RESTAURANT YANNIS, PARGA (June 2004) Taverne Yannis

Einst Souliotis ... ... jetzt Yannis!

Off from the port promenade and the old town there are several restaurants their cooks cook distinguished - there the Greek-rustic kitchen lures - are found, they were the refuge places of the locals still a few years ago. This year the menus are found there already in different languages.

In Souliotis kitchen, the restaurant at the forest street next to the Parga-camping, grandma and grandpa cooked once. The Tsatziki is the best in Greece (if you likes garlic) and we did not want to miss the yogurt with honey anymore as a dessert. The selection is giant-great - even the "Wiener escalope" is found in the card! Should it be a miracle? The daughter-in-law of the senior-landlord is from Linz/Austria and together they manages the travel agency "Kryoneri Travel" with the son. If a visitor has a specific wish that the card does not fulfill, one is ready with pleasure to get the demanded thing and prepares it.

Souliotis is now Yannis

Glücklich, wer noch einen Platz bekommenhat
In 2002 Yannis took the management of the restaurant, because grandpa Pappas should be able to enjoy his state of rest at last. Meanwhile he does. The grandma does not take it, she is cooperating still a little.

Yannis has enriched the palette of the before- and main foods in the Saision 2003 with traditional-Greek deliciousness that you will
normally not find anywhere in Parga. It is to notice that his concept opens: may be you becomes more difficults to get a table from 21 o'clock. Even if it looks full, do not turn around and go!!! Yannis still hid a few reserve tables somewhere!
At later hour if the atmosphere suits it can happen that Yannis starts dancing and point out his joy by smashing some plates on the ground.

Janis Oma
in a friendly manner, elegantly and in a fast way he serves his visitors with charm and humor
in her head are stored the secrets of the traditional Greek kitchen

Ein Tanz zu später Stunde


Greek-Austrian Evening - June 2004

The chorus of Vöcklamarkt, a 146 years old Carinthian chorus, spend his vacations in Parga. Their greatest passion is to sing - and so they do - at later hour in Yannis taverna. However it is supposed to come better, we find out. They give a concert in Yannis tavern on saturday. We must hear it!

At 11,30 they are beginning, into dress, approx. 25 women and men. They sing marvellously beautifully, the individual voices float over- and under and surge in the restaurant as the waves at the beach.

Small interruption - great surprise. Yannis invited a Greek folk dance group from Kanalaki which maintains the traditional Epirus dances. Now it is called "Hoppa" instead of "Holadrio". Then the nationalities mix in common dance.

A few karinthian songs, again Greek dance, then the Austrians close their performance with two Greek songs.
However the musical evening is not at the end, because the carinthian brought along their instruments. To clarinet and accordion all swings the dancing legs multinationally, till 2 o'clock in the morning. In Greek we enjoy carinthian mountain-hut-mood... extraordinary! However, at Yannis everything is possible!

klick, to enlarge!

The Taverna Yannis is the best example that food has not to be expensive in Greece. With before-, head- and dessert as well as some drinks we never broke the 20-euro barrier (what was already confirmed to us by other visitors). Therefore we went during our Parga stay there every evening... why try elsewhere if you have found something distinguished?




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