Trieste - Vienna

Because he is not the first time in Trieste, Rudi liked to bring us to Slowenia. But with traffic signs it is not so good here. It`s a flop! First they show to SLO, then is nothing to see from Slowenia. Then we see a turn to SLO. - Bad luck! We come back to Trieste. Without nervs we look for a petrolstation, the man at the patrolstation shows us the right way and we found the way to SLO.

How usualy it is very quick to bike through SLO. After 170 km we take coffee and petrol. The weather is beautiul, the mood best. Till we like to drive again ... TZR will not start. Also pushing does not help. The game should begin for a new time. After three hours we end the game and Rudi lookes for a truck to Austria.

Ab in die Kiste und Schluß mit dem Ärger!Rudi finds a austrian truck and asks the trucker if it is possible to take TZR with him to Austria. The man does not think for a long time and says "Yes". We dismantle TZR and put it into the truck. A few minutes after 4 pm we are ready to go. Because the man should not get troubles we give him the registration card from the bike.

And now without troubles we bike to Austria. In the darkness we reach Zöbern. We reach the coldness. It will not be a tour in 2001 without rain. From Zöbern to Baden it`s raining cats and dogs.

A short time after 8 pm we reach Vienna. At this time normally you can drive the "Tangente" - we think so! In Laaerberg-Tunnel the traffic stops. We hope it will be better in a few meters, but it is an error! Ambulances with blue light and sirens are driving through the traffic jam. There must be a bigger accident. From Slowenia till Zöbern we need we need not so much time as the last 3 km. We reached the Gürtel-exit - the only vehicle leaving the highway was ours.

At 10 pm finally we are at home.

In the next morning at 10 am we meet our friendly truck driver Karl and bring the TZR to our Servicecenter. Karl does not want any art of compensation. Sometimes you meet an angel of the street.

With Karls help Tjaky,
Rudi, Blueeye and Princess finally arrived safely in Vienna.

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