Dinner in Parga


Rudis von der Hafenpromenade aus gesehen.Rudis, Bar und RestaurantEvery visitor from Parga at least one time should visit Rudis and take a dinner there.

Even there are leaving so many good filled plates the kitchen, the local is not a part of touristic feed stations. The service is first class. The dinners, only one to three words in the menucard, are delicious, a refreshment for eyes, nose and the roof of your mouth.

Emilio beim Grillen vor der Feuerwand.The places on teras give you a nice view about Parga and the sea. But the places in front the kitchen will give you a good view to see how the one is cooking and decorating the plates very lovely while the other is flambing. But he knows what to do!

SolomonWhith bread you will get there butter and herb butter, the lemon is covered with a fine net, only lemon chuice should get out.

Supplements are otherewhere specialities. Only the imaginatively names at the ice-card makes you inquisitive to taste them all.

Sure it is not so cheap at Rudis, but a few drachmes more and it is much better as in touristic feeds.

Rudis restaurant - bar
G. & Z. Batsios
8-12 Aneksartisias St. - Parga
Tel. +30 684 31693

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