Dinner in Parga
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Restaurant Souliotis
Remote the harbourpromenade and the old city there are some locals, which cooks are also good. There the greec rustic kitchen is crying for you. Years ago they seemed for inhabitants only, now you will find there also the menucard in several languages.

In Souliotis kitchen, the restaurant beneath Parga-Camping, is cooking grandma und grandpa. Tsatziki is the best from Griechenland (if you like garlic). The choise is very big - also "Wiener Schnitzel" you find in the menucard! But it is not to wondering! The daughter in law is from Linz/Austria and leads together with her husband "Kryoneri Travel". If a guest has a special wish they will make it possible.
Yannis Taverna
Now it is Restaurant Yannis and it becomes more youth.

KryoneriVery fine Moussaka Rudi eats at "Kryoneri" (gr. "KPYONEPI"), and the grilled liver was also best. In this local it is very simple and silence under a roof from vineleavs, between there are hanging shots. It is shure not bad to taste all this kitchens, but it needs much time. Your time in holydays will not be enough.




Go through the old town up to post office, then left in direktion to Hotel Paradise and you will see the tavern"Euro-Food". The show case looks emty, but there are only a view of exhibits.

"Mama" is sly - her own cooked Greek specials are in coolness. Only the fotos show it all. The price is not high and it is enough to eat.

Spiros, the landlord, is biker with heart and soul. Both are in care for her guests.

The little restaurant across the corner is open every day at 9 o´clock, there are also breakfast and snacks. They will close at midnight or later.


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