Dinner in Parga
   "To Souli" and other lokals at harbourpromenade

Nächtliche Hafenpromenade ... und ein Freiluftrestaurant neben dem anderen.In front of the restaurants you will find a desk with the menucard, there you can have a good look about the prices. You should take time and if it is possible you should look also to the plates of people who are eating, because the proportion of price and performance is very different.

First we are always in "To Souli". Because we eat the whole day, the little meals are no problem and the little prices too. Ham-Cheese-Rolls as starter, grilled swerdfish, Calamari or cod with Skordalia (= cold mashed polatos with garlic) and greec salad with sheeps milk cheese. All is good at the promenade, but elsewhere better to get.

It is normally in Greece to pay for cover, if you eat something. If you are only for a drink, there is no cover. Attention in locals of touristic feeds, it is also possible you pay cover.
(This didn't happen at "Rudis"!)

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