TZR in Einzelteilen am Campingplatz.The TZR has problemes. We decided to repair it in holidays. After we clean the airfilter, test the elektric, clean the starter and after she get Oktanpusher she is running again.

We start the test. The bike is running. We bike the E55 between lovely smelling woods till Preveza.

Preveza is on the ground of the old greek town Berniki. This was founded by King Pyrrhos 290 a. C. There the history was the same as in Parga: Venezian, Turks and Frenchman was dominating the town. 1798 came Ali Pascha, the franchman were beheaded and their heads were sent to Turky. It was turkish till 1912.

Kleines Restaurant im Hafen von PrevezaArriving in Preveza we need a coffee very badly, but find only closed shops. From 15.000 inhabitants we see only two hands full.

On smoothly streets we bike till the harbour. There we find a restaurant and in the menucard "Fried Cheese". In alufolie heated cheese from sheeps, with a lot of spice ... and we get coffee!!!

Einsames Boot vor PrevezaOut of the restaurant we have a nice view around the harbor. There are a lot of boats, but all of them are anchoraged. It seems like deserted and we bike back to lovely Parga.

But next time in Greece we like to see the Gulf from Avrakikos. It is a particulary ecosystem with a big ecologic meaning.
Golf von AmvrakikosThe Gulf from Avrakikos should give you interesting survivals. There are many rare arts of animals, with luck you can see dolphins.

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