Parga - Igoumenitsa

Blick über den Hafen der Fischer in IgoumenitsaOur holydays are over. We say goodby to our new friends, take our tent and bike back to Igoumenitsa. A few meters to the town there is a man with a red flag. We stop. Before of us the street is ending. A big gravel road.This was not here two weeks before!

Suddenly the man is running to us and is crying to us
, don`t stop here, bike on! (Aha!)
Every Enduro-biker will be happy with this "street", but the heavy loaded FJ doesn`t make Rudi happy.

Internetcafe Netponio, Treffpunkt der JugendlichenBecause we know it how to bike through heavy streets from Austria we take it with laughing and like it to drift through cramble.

Later from the harbour in Igoumenitsa we see the new motorway. It will be from Igoumenitsa to Thesaloniki,
now some parts are in use and in the year 2002 it should be finished. She should bring the end for the silly tours the trucks take over Katarra-Pass.

Igoumenitsa is a harbourtown and it seems only to take the tourists, trucker and loads to the ferry boats. In the quater after the harbour there are many juwelerys and souveniershops. Along the promenade there are restaurants and the Internet-Café "Netponio". Here is one hour for 1.000,- GRD.

Solltest Du einmal so einem Sack begegnen ... da könnte Rudi drinstecken!At the evening we look together with greeks a football match, then we change to the harbour and are waiting the last hours for our ferry boat. The night is cold, from the snack stand we take chairs, take our sleepingbags and spend the night
together with a harbour dog.

In the next morning when we wake up our ferry boat is waiting. This time
Anek-Lines sent a smaller one: the "F/B Sofokles".

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