Igoumenitsa - Parga

In the port of Igoumenitsa we ride to the right and bike on slippery roads in direction Preveza / Parga. How slippery the roads really are Tjaky recognizes when Rudi stopps. The FJ becomes bigger and bigger. At the last moment the little TZR stopps behind the lights of FJ.

It was not old, but new asphalt surface. Like our last journey in Greece (we had a fall in one of the first turns), the land is showing us: Donīt trust good looking streets.

Before the sun comes down we arrive in Parga and in our unsuspectiness we bike to the center of Parga. Rudi had to turn the full loadend FJ in a dead street. Because of this mistake error we found Parga Camping.

Parga Camping

Unter Olivenbäumen, im September fast allein auf weiter FlurThe terassik place is full of olivetrees. Inside of them live lizards, many birds and - very practical - you have not to pay attention on their hills: ants. Here they are from xsmall to xlarge. Some days a woodbecker is hooking in one of the trees. During daytime the branches are full of titmouses and sparrows. You can also meet bats. They shall live in the trees before and after saison - unfortunately we donīt see anyone.

On Parga Camping you don´t need a tent or a caravan, it`s also possible to rent a little dim with two plank beds.

Diese kleinen Holzhütten kann man mieten.The next bay is far away, 400 m - says the label ... We don`t measure it.

Parga Camping is open the whole year, there are some blocks with toilets and showers, also warm water.

(2 persons, 2 motorcycles + 1 tent = 4.000,- GRD p. day ater saison.)

Under the old shadowspending olivetrees we build our little tent. Afterwards we go to the lovely town, lying next to the campingplace.

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