Parga"Embetted between olivetrees and citrusplants, amphitheatralic wounded around the bay, infront of it, some small islands are situated infront of the coast." Because of this description and a beautiful photo we decided to visit Parga, but only for a daytime trip.

Arriving there we were very astonished about the development of this village. Just now the first lights went on and many persons were strolling on the promenade.

Along the waterfront there are plenty of open air restaurants. Kitchens are always in the opposite site of the dining area. First evening we take dinner in "To Souli", swordfish and kalmar. Enjoying the fine atmosphere. After the end of our meal we are asking for a internet-cafe and were were very surprised to hear that we are sitting right infront of one:"Terra", Internet-Café and Cocktailbar.

There is something about Parga different comparing with other mediterraneon towns: day- and nightlife take not only place around the harbor but also in the little streets up to the hills. There are so many shops, jewelleries (gold and silver), some handycrafts, souveniershops, textils, and between of all this stores, lovely smelling taverns.

Everywhere it is very clean. If you enter a shop with dirty shoes, you will soon regret it. Furious rage of the owner will srike you. Zeus will turn piele confronted with such a blust.

Parga von der Burg aus gesehen

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