Gut erhaltenes MauerwerkIf you leave Preveza in the direction of Arta/Ioannina, you will come to Nikopolis, a great archaelogokic area. The founding of this town was after the sea battle on the 2nd September 31 a. C. between Octavianus and Marcus Antonius, which was allied with the egypt king Cleopatra. In think on this the town was foundet. It should get very big and multinational. The town should grow better and faster than other towns in Greece.

Der letzte RestAfter the foundation of Nikopolis the whole region get an upturn. The new town was only greek and grows to the capitol from Akarnania and was named Southepirus. Her habitants were very proud, because they were free and autonomous - and this in a time, in an aera which all other greek towns were not free.

Octavianus liked to honour god Apollon from Actium and thanked him for his help leading to the victory. Because of this he built two temples and opened the competitions of Actium: one for Apollon and one for Poseidon. In the town there were a big Amphitheater, built in 2nd century p. C. The stadion, there were all five years big competitions, was northwestly from the Amphitheater.

AmphietheaterThe roman bath lies southwestly from the stadion and more southly the wall from Justinian, built in 6th century p. C. On the easter side from the field you can see the christian Basilika (5th century p. C.). It is a big church, not with three naves, usually in this time, but with five.
Because of the architecture very interesting is the aqueduct, bringing the water from the river Louros to the town.

Geborgener, restaurierter Löwe im MuseumSince 1913 there are many historians. They find many coins and legends and restaurate the rooms and monuments.

In the museum there are shown in two rooms of monuments, sarkophargs, portaits and kapitelles. Here you will also find the rests of the Basilika from Dumetios.

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