Nekromanteion, Nekromandio or

  "Oracle of the death from Acheronta"

Die Ruinen von Nekromanteion ... die Helme stammen aus der Neuzeit.This day we do not like to repair the TZR so we bike together with FJ, to look for another "hill of stones": "The Oracle of the death from Acheronta".

Above the village Mesopótamo you find the archaecological, directly after the gradient smashing turn to the right.
From the hill you look down directly to the river Acheron. About meaning of the old greeks it was the frontier to subterranian Hades. Because of this there was built an Oracle for inhabitants to speak with their dead persons.

But it was very strange.
Touristen im Labyrith.First they had to pray and clean herself, physikal and psychical. There was much smoke and in the rooms between was smoked meat. Then the pilgrim throw a stone over his left shoulder and washed his hands.

Now cleaned and high he has to go through the labirinth. Then he was in orakleroom and gave his presents, to see the ghosts.

Good to see on groundlan is how many store rooms there were. It was also found a maschine to bring shadows to the wall.

Hier bereiteten sich die Pilger auf die Zeremonie vor.It was burned by the romans 167 a. C. In 18th century there was built the little church St. John the Baptist.

We didn' see any goast but a lot of other tourists.

Entry: 500,- GRD/2001

Am Vorplatz des Totenorakels.

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