Igoumenitsa - Trieste

Morgenstimmung auf der Fähre vor TriestIn the coldness of the morning, the TZR will not start, but with the help from the strong man from "F/B Sofokles V" it is no problem. The bikes will be lashed up. Our own belts we don`t need this time.

The Sofokles has a better overview because the ferryboat ist not so big as "El. Venizelos". But in their smallness, full of corners are very large walks, good places to sleep on the floor if you have not taken a cabine and do not like the deck.

Ein Hubschrauber über der Fähre kreisend? Was hat das zu bedeuten?In the afternoon we register a little point in the sky coming nearer. It is a helicopter. Someone has a bad meaning because of the planes in WTC, but much people see it as a pleasent change.
Very fast he cames closer, circled the ferry boat three times and then he is flying away.

Because it is a nice night in autumn, we stay on deck and sleep there on a fixed seat. Again we sleep dead to the world.

A short time after sunrise a nice voice tells us, soon we are in triest. Suddenly there was a little quick boat beside the ferry and a man is climbing up. A good stunt for a film, but we think it is the profession from this man.

Back in TriestHere in Italy, there are more controlls. The police is looking, but our passports are not interesting enough.

The TZR starts - we don`t belive it! We are very happy and like to bike in the direction of Vienna.

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