Trieste - Igoumenitsa

Über 10 Stockwerke hoch, die Fähre El. Venizelos.Always new fascinating for us is the ferryboat "El. Venizelos" (174 m) from Anek-Lines, in off-season rather empty.

For bikes it´s better to take 1 or 2 strapas with you and to use the wheelchocks you find on the ferry to fix it. Safety is all!

Nearly unknown is that you get back 3 % from ferryprice as bon on the rezeption. You can use it over all the ferryboat (bar, shop, restaurant etc.).

Die kleine TZR wurde mit einem Spannriemen  an den gelben Pfeiler gebunden.In contrust to earlier journeys, because of EU there was no customscheck in Greece. Because of this the unloading is very quick.

In Trieste the driving up was dry and the ramp to upperdeck has a very good grip. When we are in Igoumenitsa the ground and the ramp were very slippery.

Back on solid land we think what we shall do now. Delay 4 hours and our planed destination will not be reached before darkness.

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