From Vienna to Trieste

About south highway (A2) to Graz, towards Slovenia. After the frontier you have to pay fee, but after this you have a very good street. You should tank up earlyer as in Austria because there are not so much restaurants and petrolstations along the highway.

The villagers are very disciplined. They allow you to drive faster and don´t push you.

On the carparks you can find several locations offering refreshments. The toilets along the highway are mostly clean in northern Slovenia.

At the frontier Slowenia - Italy you should not think the Slovanien custom clearance is over if one of them is showing you the way to Italy - the other also wants to see your passport.

Skizze Zufahrt zum Campingplatz in TriestIf you ride after the frontier right, not the highway, but left and straight, the barracks right, after two turns you will lead you to camping EXCELSIOR, good for one night. Next to the campingplace is the frontier for heavy goods vehicles. There you can change money during daytime. The next restaurant is on the street to Trieste.

This one we took alternatively to the highway, to come to the port of Trieste. About a lovely winding road you come down the hill and if the traffic will allow, you will have a beautiful view about Trieste.

Down in the port we looked sucessless for Anek-Lines. They are jusr restaurating the old house. "In 2 km distance you will find your ferry!" they told us. The way should be signed - we asked - because there was no sign.

Warten auf die Fähre ... und aus dem CD-Player tönt: "Griechenland" von STSWe are on the pier and they tell us the ferryboat is somewhere on the sea. Delay 3 hours.

Waiting in sweltering heat is not so bad for us. We meet the advanca guards of SN-BR (Salzburger Nachrichten - Biker-Reisen). They are on the way to the yearly event in south Greece. An austrian trucker joined to us and served cooled Ottakringer beer. It´s much to talk ... while the cardrivers are sitting bored and frustratet in theyr tin container braisingly.

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