Our yourney planning in spring 2006 was very quickly, we take Euböa (named Evia from the greece) Internetrecherchs says not very much about this big islander and also our much travelbooks from Greece told us not much because ... greatest island and the Athens spend there the weekend - no big touristraffic, no historicals, only a view of curvy streets and some towns.

A rather undocumented place on the routistic Greece map, which provoked us to take it more near in inspection.

Our greek yourneys are absolutely private and not sponsered websites. We invest much time (and money) to tell you our impressions - the good and the bad - in text und pictures.
The positive feedback from mails and talks with tourists which followed our ways is why we try always to make it better and to enjoy new things.
We hope to help you by planning your holidays. If you have questiones about from us travelled areas send a mail.

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